Frequently Asked Questions

Do you groom senior dogs (13 years plus)?

We love senior dogs but prioritize their comfort and safety. Therefore, we refer them to specialized services that can cater to their needs gently and safely. Please see our section on grooming for senior dogs for more information.

Do you offer haircuts for puppies?

We focus on the “FFF” for puppies under 8 months - Face, Feet and Fanny. Full haircuts are not recommended until they are at least 8 months old, to ensure their coat and skin develop healthily and they are comfortable being touched.

This is because young puppies’ coats and skin are still developing during these early months, and premature cutting can potentially harm their natural growth and condition. Additionally, young puppies are also getting accustomed to the grooming process itself. Introducing them to more complex grooming services too early can be overwhelming and might not provide the positive, stress-free experience we aim for.

Instead, we focus on gentle introductions to grooming through baths and minor trims (face, feet and fanny) to ensure they grow comfortable with the grooming process, setting the stage for happier and stress-free grooming sessions in the future.

How long does grooming take?

The average appointment is usually anywhere between 2.5 hours and 4 hours. This includes time for your dog to get acclimated as well as to have breaks. However, small short-haired dogs like Chihuahuas are the exception. They are typically done in about 1 hour.

Total time spent actually grooming is anywhere between 1 and 2.5 hours depending on the dog, whether they’re used to being groomed and how they do.

Do you require proof of vaccinations?

Yes, for the safety and well-being of all our furry clients, we require up-to-date vaccination records before your pet’s first grooming or daycare appointment. Please bring documentation that your dog has received all doses of the Bordetella and DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza) vaccines.

This precaution is in place to protect your pet, as well as others from potential health risks. Thank you for understanding.

What teeth cleaning services do you offer?

We offer basic teeth brushing for a small fee. For more intensive non-anesthetic teeth cleaning, we have appointments available with Smile Specialist here at Tali Tails on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Please see our teeth cleaning page to book an appointment.

Are there any risks associated with de-matting?

Yes, de-matting your dog can pose some risks, especially if their fur is severely matted. The process can pull on their skin, which is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to injuries such as hematomas and rashes.

When a dog’s fur is severely matted, it may not be possible to safely remove the mats without causing discomfort or injury. In such cases, the safest option often involves shaving the fur instead. We prioritize your dog’s comfort and well-being above all else. Therefore, if we determine that shaving is necessary, we’ll always contact you first to discuss the situation and obtain your approval.

Our team takes every precaution to minimize risks and ensure a safe, comfortable grooming experience for your dog.